What's Konchi?

Konchi is a symbol of love. Konchi provides happiness all over the world. Anytime up to the Edo period many could be seen even in and around Tokyo. Konchi has also been spotted in both the UK, and Latin America.

Konchi in the Edo period


Konchi get lonely easily.
You need to keep playing with them.
Otherwise they will run away.

Konchi leaving home


Small enough to fit in a pocket.
Konchi are known for their distinctive mushroom shape, and characteristic fringe, of just one hair.

Konchi is a symbol of love.

There is a temple in Japan which enshrines Konchi.
If you desire a Konchi, wishing for one at this temple may bring one to you.

Konchi shrine

What's Pocket Town?

Konchi live in "Pocket Town" - literally, a town in a pocket.
There are 4 seasons in Pocket Town, and Konchi enjoy the transition of the seasons.

Konchi in a famous sakura seeing place

Romance season, spring.
After the flower festival,
let's have a nap.


Konchi in a resort

Flaming season,summer.
Summer is burning hot.
Shout what you feel!


Racoon Konchi in the forest

Raccoon Konchi are in the autumn forest.
Watch out for their pranks!


Konchi playing ice skating

Freezing season comes.
You can go for a skate on the frozen lake.


Fantastic Mushroom Forest

All Konchi like to play with mushrooms. There are many places in the forest which are perfect for mushrooms. While raising a mushroom they grow to take on odd and funny shapes.
*After raising up mushrooms, Konchi eats them up.

All taste different

This is how Konchi are born!

  1. Konchi first phase

    You need to wish for a Konchi at Konchi Temple. Angel Konchi will come to give you an object which looks like an egg.

  2. Konchi second phase

    Nobody knows where this egg comes from. After a while, the shell starts to peel off automatically.

  3. Konchi third phase

    Hi, Konchi! See it peeking through? Konchi looks a little embarrassed.

  4. Konchi fourth phase

    Once free from the egg, Konchi will jump out and walk around. They emerge from the egg grown, and ready to move.

  5. Konchi fifth phase

    This is Konchi's first day.
    Now it's time for you to get a Konchi in your pocket!

We can create your original Konchi.

Please ask us about your very own, original Konchi design.
The price for an original Konchi starts at 100,000JPY.

We create your original Konchi.